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Scholarship SupportAs a state institution, Thomas Edison State University strives to maintain affordable tuition for our students, many of whom are juggling work, family and school at the same time. For many senior public institutions, state support makes it possible to maintain affordable tuition. Unfortunately, Thomas Edison has seen state funding dramatically decrease to the lowest point in our history.  As a nontraditional school, we must remain competitive and attract the best students with programs that are ahead of the curve and scholarships that help finance the education of our students.

Each year more scholarships are awarded to deserving students. In 2016 alone, the Thomas Edison State University Foundation awarded more than $350,000 in scholarships.  The demand for financial aid remains high and with more than 17,000 currently enrolled students, it is challenging to offer scholarships to such a large population. The Foundation and its generous donors believe in the importance of a solid educational background for the success of our students. Therefore, funding scholarships remains our top priority. 

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